I started in 2020 designing graphics through the alias “Global Mind Studios”. I wanted to create a multidisciplinary studio focussing on graphic design and video production. Year by year the studio attracted clients from all around the world and embarked on new collaborations and partnerships.
A selection of the most liked 6 designs from G.M.STUDIOS apparel brand. 
Over the Renaissance figure there is a streetwear and industrial imprint with a Monument Extended font by the Pangram Pangram foundry.
When growing up in Italy, I had access to Renaissance museums and stimuli, which is why I became fascinated with history and ancient art. 

I was also fascinated by different myths and connected to statues and figures - and how art can tell stories. 

One of my most favourite statues and myths is Medusa, who turned people into stone. When I went to Florence I was fascinated by the statue presented in the reference image, featuring Perseus holding medusa’s head. The violence and complexity of the image - and of Medusa’s and Perseus’ story - inspired me to create my own design (again with a modern twist!).

More modern stimuli such as the Versace logo and the cover art of a song [1] also impacted me in the creation of this garment.
This hoodie was designed as if the canvas
was a fragile package containing a Medusa sculpture. This can be mostly seen in the back of the product. The front design instead, focusses on the label of the package, creating the impression of a real shipment.
Moving to another aspect of graphic design, I wanted to experiment with video production and moving images.
One project I undertook was  the realisation of a video presenting the design process of a collage creation. To reflect the process of creating a graphic design involving aspects of a collage aesthetic, I decided to replicate it also in the video by animating one letter at a time, frame by frame in the video. The result of this is shown on the slide. I then created these animations using  Final Cut Pro X.
Another interesting project that focussed on  video production was the drawn introduction animation of a video focussing again, on the design process of garment reinterpretation. Each object was hand drawn and animated to fulfil the style of the video. With that a BookmanJFPro font was used, taken by the Adobe Font library which suited the whole project.

The main theme for this project was the recreation of a known apparel brand design, which focussed on hand drawn fun (not precise) elements of the earth, asteroids and so on.
In this segment we see an insight into the video production timeline and the design process to realise the shape used to animate the video.  The shapes were firstly drawn and outlined in Photoshop and then animated in Final Cut Pro X.

Overall, I find video design and animation a very creative process, as it allows me to add movement - and sound - alongside my graphic designs and to explore a whole new dimension of my practice.
A collection of all the design processes for every graphic I created are uploaded on my YouTube channel to show new people how I design. This helped me meet new people and collaborate with various brands from all over the world.
Futurum INC is an apparel company that merges the past and future through its revolutionary design. The name, deriving from the Latin word for "future," is a nod to living every moment of the present while not forgetting both the past achievements and the destination in life. ​​​​​​​
My brief was to create a proposal for a new brand identity. 
The logos of the project needed to fulfil the visual stimuli of a futuristic technological logo, this is why I experimented with a variety of fonts [5] and decided to go with NeueBit, a font from the Pangram Pangram Design House. Over it, I placed a circle symbolising the cycle of life. 
I also experimented with the butterfly colour layers [6] to maximise the texture of the butterfly, this process will be discussed in greater detail in the next slide. In this slide, we can also find another concept design involving the idea of looking into the future, featuring a butterfly leaving a box. This resembles exiting your comfort zone to achieve better results in the future.
(1) Removal of background from the butterfly image using the pen tool to trace the outline.
(2) Addition of a threshold effect to convert all butterfly colours into just 2: black and white. This choice was applied for printability reasons. Now the image can be printed with screen print.
(3) Isolation of colour elements using colour range function. Then the layers were isolated to have two different versions used for the two different colours (and two screens for the screenprint).
The first apparel product created utilises the graphic presented on this slide. 
Facing challenges: ​​​​​​​
When the shoot was carried out, the weather was not complying with the required light I had hoped for [11]. The weather was cloudy, depressing and grey. I was determined to make this project happen, so I took the photos  (experimenting with  different settings in the Fujifilm™ camera) and then continued playing  on  photoshop. In addition camera raw filters were applied with saturation, colour hues and lighting to make the image more vibrant. I also removed unnecessary objects (such as a cable in the background) to make the image more clear and impactful.

One of the most significant measures applied to the image is the sky replacement. Grey cloudy weather would not catch the viewer’s attention as a partially clear blue sky [9], or even perhaps a sunset pink colour [10]. Trial and error was again the key to my process: until arriving at the final product.
This is the final result of the photograph which was used to create a poster for the promotion of the brand.
These are the tech sheets I put together  for the manufacturer’s use.

While designing it I really wanted to create 2 inner pockets of the jacket since, from my experience, I usually lose things because garments do not have enough pockets.

Update of the 21/02/23 - The jacket has been finalized and is now shipped to Italy. Below the photos of the jacket made by the manufacturer.
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