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Terms of Service 
These policies and terms are valid for any work made by Global Mind Studios Designing Services and Global Mind Studios Collaboration and Development Services and have no exception to any order. 
- (1.a) Payment Terms: The full payment of the project needs to be deposited at the start of the order through one of the two payment options available. It's not possible to pay half of the price before and half of the price after or all the price after. 
- (1.b) Payment Methods: The main payment method that we use to maintain a high-security level for both the customer (client) is PayPal. Other methods like cryptocurrency and bank transfer can work but need to be fully discussed in advance with our team.
- (2) Payment Due Date: 7 days from the invoice creation. If it exceeds 7 days and you did not warn the designer, the order will be considered cancelled, and you will be avoided for future inquiries or projects.
- (3) Delivery Date: The standardized time for the delivery is between 7 to 14 days (depending on demand and the year period) after the full payment is arranged and sent. The delivery date will be mentioned in the invoice.
- (4)¬†Price Package: The price includes only the designing service. It does not include stock image costs and/or other third parties services/footage to create the graphic asked to be bought by the customer. If asked to be bought specific footage, the client needs to deposit in the exact EUR-‚ā¨ corresponding currency the exact amount of money of the footage license (that will be decided by the client) + 5,4% of the deposit cost and 0,35‚ā¨ of PayPal Taxes (if using PayPal).
- (5) Refund policy: Every person has different ideas and concepts in mind; every person is different and thinks differently, so it's hard to judge what's correct or incorrect. This is why we implemented these policies that are based on objective data, such as the information and data provided at the start by the client. By working with you, we are creating a design in our style using the requirements & concept provided by you. There is no such thing as a bad idea (or design).
(5.a) If the service provided did not fulfil your style or personal taste but has all the details, concepts and ideas asked to be created, it will be refunded 60% of the order amount due to the time loss that occurred to the designer. This is because the request to cancel the order is based on subjective details. By cancelling the order, you will not have the rights to the graphic created (even if a portion of the money is withheld). 
(5.b.i) if the service provided "does not match" the requirements asked in the form provided at the start, it will be refunded all (100%) of the money sent for the creation of the inquiry. By cancelling the order, you will not have the rights to the graphic created.
(5.b.ii) Does not match meaning: If the final result had objective different elements that mislead the concept of the artwork and/or different meaning and/or wrong or different elements asked to be implemented and/or completely different figurative language.
(5.c) if, for any reason, the order needs to be cancelled for external factors provided by the client (eg. personal reasons, change of mind, error in providing requirements), it will be refunded 0% of the order money if the graphic was in the process of creation. If the order is cancelled within 24 hours of the payment and the graphic was not started yet and/or has not been created, there will be a refund of 80% of the payment. 
(5.d) if the designer has problems with the order and can't manage to deliver it by the delivery date deadline (3), the buyer will be refunded the total amount of money. 
(5.d.i) If the delay is less than 24h the client has the right to get a full refund if wanted or continue working with the designer. If the delay exceeds 24h the client will have the right to get a full refund if wanted or to continue working with the designer with a compensation refund of 10% of the paid amount (as a way to say sorry).
(5.d.ii) These delay terms account only for the first submission of the design and do not account for further revisions asked by the client. After the revisions and/or modifications the client asks, the designer will have 7 to 10 days to get back to the client with the new revision. Note that the time could fluctuate depending on the time of the year and workload. 
- (6) Revisions: If not discussed, for each order, there is a maximum of 2 revisions. These revisions include colour changes and text/elements placement. After the 2 revisions are made, could be charged an extra (15$) for other modifications per design. 
- (7) Respect: Respect is the key to collaboration; if, for any reason, the client becomes aggressive, we reserve the right to stop working with him/her, refunding back all the order payment amount and ban the client from Global Mind Studios Designing Services and Global Mind Studios Collaboration and Development Services, reporting him to corresponding authorities.
- (8) Right to refuse: We reserve the right to reject an offer of collaboration for internal reasons. We will only collaborate with serious and professional brands to avoid unpleasant unprofessional experiences (7).
- (9) Communication: For collaborations and projects we will directly respond to you through the contact page. Instagram DM's and emails are also valid as a starting point for quicker means of communication. 

If you do not understand such terms, you are advised to discuss them with us before proceeding with the payment. These terms apply to all Global Mind Studios Designing Services and Global Mind Studios Collaboration and Development Services. 

This page contains the terms of service for the website and its corresponding services Global Mind Studios Designing Services and Global Mind Studios Collaboration and Development Services.
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