Hi, I am Federico penzo, a junior tennis player who arrived 3rd in Italy under 10-12 category. I will tell you what I think about this beautiful sport...Tennis.
I wear Adidas clothes & shoes...why? Because they are more comfortable and more quality but even OK shoes are still very comfortable.
But let's talk about tennis. I started when I was five years old. When I started to play, I didn't know, but my first club was the first of "Roger Federer", a tennis player that arrived more than five times number one in the world. I really like this sport. And I would like to reach the number one place in the world, and I would give everything to do it. I also think that Babolat Pure Areo is the best racquet ever created by Babolat because it's light and it has a very nice structure. I do not like to get injured, but when I do, I say to myself, "Come on, it doesn't matter; you need to be strong and go until you can't walk or give your best", and the most important thing is that you must never give up like if your opponent is Rafa and your under two sets and your playing Roland Garros final championship point for Rafa you don't need to give up at least if you lose you need to lose properly. What I mean is that you must never retire, never be afraid of your opponent and be concentrated, but the most important is that show all the positive energy that you have inside your body. Your opponent must be scared of you and give your best. I usually train for two hours and a half and one hour and a quarter of fitness. After all This, I have a fiseo massage for ten or quarter-hour. I have a type of playing different because I think that I'm more concentrated than the other kids that play in my club. I also think that tennis is one of the most intensive sports ever created. Wimbledon has done a great job creating the first-ever tennis tournament.